Xcode iphone icon not updating

The seemingly unimportant change opens up a world of new possibilities for interactions with your favorite apps that simply were not possible before.

Taking advantage of the i OS 10.3 SDK, developers can now use a new Instance method to specify the primary app icon as well as one or more alternate icons.

i OS developer Steve Stroughton-Smith explained that apps must ask your permission before changing their icon.

Granting permission yields an alert like the one you see below, informing you of an icon change.

This way we can specify all of the usual configurations, icons, plugins etc and have Phone Gap CLI respect it.

For those of us who don't want to commit the xcode/android/etc projects and generate new projects every time we build, this would be the best way for us to configure our projects and stay "Phone Gap Compatible".The app incorporates features and behaviors in ways people expect.The direct manipulation of onscreen content engages people and facilitates understanding.It’s unclear if this dialog only shows on the first icon change an app performs.To be fair, I’m not sure consent is required given the fact that this already happens when apps get updated and most users don’t pay attention to their app updates anyway.

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