Terminally ill dating accomodating person

Am I being selfish to want this woman back in my life , Is it wrong to ask her to be here even though I know its a dead end road for her ?Or is it best I just keep pushing her away and let her be burden free .Doctors told Mrs Reed, from Barnoldswick, Lancashire, her breast cancer was incurable following her diagnosis in 2015.They said she had as little as two years to live after the cancer spread to her ovaries despite the mother-of-one having undergone a double mastectomy.I love her dearly and have left my estate to her and her daughter in my will .I want to have her with me but I don't want her to feel obligated or to pity me .

"Life must carry on for them so I'm helping the only way I know how.

A LOVING wife battling breast cancer is teaching her husband how to date to help him find a partner when she has gone.

Sarah and Lee Reed only tied the knot last month, but terminally ill Sarah, 37, who has just months to live, is determined to help Lee, 26, find a girlfriend.

I am trying to be realistic and I know I can not offer a future to someone , But I hate being alone .

I have a debilitation illness that is destroying my body so I am becoming more and more dependent on others .

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