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"I don't expect to find little green aliens, but most likely I think we will find some simple lifeforms such as bacteria, but who knows?

I will remain open minded." "I'm worried about the future of life here on Earth - things need to change quickly and drastically if we want to keep living like this," says Gillian.

Also shortlisted are Rosalind Nashashibi, 43, who is a film artist and painter known for her 2015 piece entitled 'Electrical Gaza', and Andrea Buttner, 45, who works across a range of mediums including painting and woodcuts, often dealing with themes of religion and botany.

"The Turner Prize has always championed emerging artists - it has never been a prize for long service but for a memorable presentation of work in that year," said Alex Farquharson, director of Tate Britain and chairman of the jury.

It was a great honour to spend time with @real Donald Trump.

However, it wasn’t all bad – apparently people who mentioned Brexit, whether in a positive or negative sense, in their profile received up to 90% more messages than the average member (women received an 84% bump, men 90%). Meanwhile, another study by the charity Relate, who talked to 300 relationship counsellors, found that a fifth had worked with clients who argued over Brexit last year.

So not only is the UK breaking up with Europe, we’re all breaking up with each other too.

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