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Seafarers even believed eating them would prevent shipwrecks 2) You shouldn’t do any woodwork over Easter – and certainly not with nails 3) Babies born on Good Friday or Easter have special powers.

4) Changing the bed linen on Good Friday will give you bad dreams 5) Hanging old Hot Cross Buns in your house will stop it burning down 6) Those who die on Good Friday or Easter Sunday go straight to Heaven 1) It is at Easter that Jesus is most human, and like all humans, he fails and is failed.

The only way to ward off the evil is to toss a bit of salt with your right hand over your left shoulder.

This belief is quite old, possibly dating as far back as ancient Rome, when salt was still quite the commodity. Don’t walk under a ladder The belief is that walking under a ladder will bring you bad luck.

It wasn't far to walk, but with a nine-year-old in tow there were rocks to climb and shiny pebbles to gather - and anyway, why hurry?

It was several hours before we made it up the steep cliff path and down the other side to Pittenweem harbour.

Although modern technology has made boats safer, old taboos linger on.

Rabbits, pigs, hares, the very mention of their names can provoke the monster's wrath.

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Who knew one shouldn’t accept birthday sex because it’s a day for purity? Some are folk beliefs designed to increase social harmony, encourage clean living or reaffirm social expectations. The belief comes from the characteristics of a fictional character “Khun Chang.” 13. Trees at the temples are sacred and meant to stay there. It's the sound of the sea that draws you back to the East Neuk of Fife.Even on a calm day its murmurings and whisperings are everywhere.Easter can fall as early as March sometimes or even as late as May (according to the Gregorian calendar) with the eastern church.And depending on the branch of Christianity you follow, you may end up celebrating Easter on different dates.

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