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Lovelive is about a girls band called μ’s (Muse) which was established at high school (it’s like club).

In Lovelive School Idol Festival, you pick 9 girls from μ’s or other original girls in the game to make your own girl group, and you can enjoy playing rhythm action game with songs from μ’s .

If you're like two-thirds of people in America, you too fiddle around with your smartphone in the bathroom while taking care of business. as long as you're properly cleaning your phone every once in a while.

After all, who in their right mind would rather thumb through a musty old magazine or Dave Barry book when the alternative is a palm-sized computer?

Android dominates the market, which is no surprise knowing that the country is home turf to Samsung.

Some Still, Apple is doing a great job at disrupting its biggest competitor, with some reports saying that it reached a market share of 33%.

We’re lucky enough to have a team in Tokyo, so we decided to get them to tell us what’s cool in mobile gaming in Japan at the moment.

While Japanese ‘Otaku’ (geek) culture is huge, not all gaming is geeky, but they can be surprisingly different to what we’re playing here!

More text arrives: a ragged stranger has stumbled through the door.As we continue to move around the globe, looking at the best games made in specific countries, we make our way towards South Korea, probably the only country in the world where Starcraft is a national sport, and players are celebrities. While you were out there scrolling through Kim Kardashian’s Instagram profile, people were telling stories of Bengi, nicknamed ‘The Right Hand of God’ – arguably the best League of Legends player in the world. This time we won’t tackle South Korea’s gaming obsession from that angle.Instead, we’ll focus on mobile gaming and as you might have imagined, it’s no different here – these people are still slightly obsessed and very, very active.And you don't just have to play by yourself, you can raise the stakes by going up against other random users who want to play.The app: Reddit i OS: Free Android: Free The so-called front page of the internet has finally unveiled its first official mobile app, and you'd be silly not to take advantage of it.

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