Dating a loner

Then, there is the danger zone with loners in that they will 'cling' to you because you are their only friend and it can get out of hand and quite suffocating.We started out as friends but soon came really really close.We come across all kinds of people in the dating scene.

The loner and the attention seeker: one is solitary and prefers their independence, while the other is the life of the party, dependent on others’ affection.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they're this way with everyone else but you.

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When a loner disguises themselves as “too busy” for friends, because they’re starting a company or studying, remember that there have been people who have founded companies, built them up, studied, been on the fast track of their career, etc., who have also been able to make time for friends and family. He says whatever’s on his mind—usually in an attention-getting, humorous way.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t lead busy lives, but whatever they’re busy with may be a crutch that prevents them from getting too intimate or having too many responsibilities—which will eventually manifest into an inability to become too intimate or too responsible in your relationship. You feel like you’ve known them for weeks within the first few hours and sense you’re the center of their universe, which is refreshing after your last relationship.

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