Are mordecai and margaret dating

She and Mordecai talked about it and she set it to her personal calls for Mordecai, and tells him he better call her.Also, there is a spring break commercial with Mordecai holding hands with Margaret on a postcard with Mordecai's song playing in the background. There are DEFINETLY just friends cuz in the episode camping can be cool, Rigby sed: "You probably shouldn't go, Margaret.Mordecai tends to be more sociable and friendly than Rigby, and has much more manageable relationships with others.

¿Algunos maduraron o simplemente se quedaron estancados?

He woke up Rigby and they both went down stairs to eat breakfast. Margaret noticed Mordecai and Rigby taking their seats so she walked over greeting the duo.

Quintel Note 2: This is probably the first RXM (M=Margaret not Mordecai) (this takes place after yes dude yes)Mordecai woke up early in the morning only to find Rigby snoring under his pile of dirty clothes. She liked Mordecai but she thought of him as a brother. Elieen went to the table they were sitting at to take their order.

When they got down stairs there was no cereal left. They went in when Margaret's shift just ended and Elieen was taking her shift for a half hour.

Margaret and Mordecai were dating know Margaret felt wrong about it though. I know I like Margaret but why does Mordecai have to like her" Rigby said staring at himself.

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